Refund Policy

We thank you for visiting our website.

We want you to feel comfortable in doing business with Im Training Masterminds Coaching Program.

Due to the nature of the Im Training Masterminds Coaching Program business and the accessibility of our products immediately upon purchase, there is a conditional strict 30-day return policy, which begins on the date of purchase.

For the refund to be approved, you must prove to us that you followed through the training you purchased. The way to do this is to simply ask for coaching through our “Live Chat”.

Measures Taken To Make Sure You Understood The Terms Of This Agreement:

Part #1: On ALL our sales pages, we reflect EXACTLY what is in our courses, levels and services.

Part #2: On ALL our “Check-Out” Pages, we highlight through bullet points, exactly what you are getting BEFORE purchasing.

Part #3: On ALL our “Check-Out” Pages, you have to add a check-mark in a check-box BEFORE paying that leads to this very page you are reading right now. We are not responsible if you did not take the time to read it.

Info Products Refund Request, Membership Fees and Services: If you are not sure that you understand the product(s) you wish to purchase, we put in place a “Live Chat” to answer all your questions BEFORE you purchase.

Measures taken to help you succeed through our courses: We put in place a “Live Chat” to answer all your questions about the training you purchased. If you feel you need help to progress through our program, simply hit the “Live Chat” button and one of our trained staff member will assist you.

Info Products (Levels: 1,2,3,4,5): No refunds are approved by IM Training Masterminds unless you took the initial steps to get training through our “Live Chat”. If for some reason you are not having success after completing the training you purchased IN FULL, from top to bottom, getting coaching from one of our coaches and drove enough traffic to get results (Minimum 2000 clicks to your lead capturing page), we will gladly refund you.

Traffic Purchases: All traffic purchased on the IM Training Masterminds website through Michel Sirois’s personal e-mail list is NON-REFUNDABLE. All traffic orders are guaranteed to receive 75% Tier 1 (Canada, United-States, United Kingdom, New-Zealand, Australia) + 10% over-delivery. We DO NOT guarantee sales in any way, shape or form.

Done For You Services: No refunds are allowed for our “done for you” services because of the time we spend on working on your project. Once we start, refund requests are all denied, no exceptions. This is stipulated on ALL our “Done For You” Services sales pages, in ALL our “Done For You” Services “Check-Out” Pages and on this very page you are reading right now.

Membership Cancellation (Including Trial Memberships): Membership fees are a “Final Sale”. You may cancel your subscription(s) at any time. However, we DO NOT issue refunds if you forgot to cancel your subscription(s) on time. To protect ourselves in these events, we make you add a check-mark in the check-box of our “Check-Out” Pages BEFORE you pay, that shows you this very page you are reading right now. We also set in place 3 days of follow-up e-mail messages to remind you that your trial period is about to end and how you can cancel your membership at no cost. This means if you forget to cancel and try to get a refund (“Unauthorized Payment” or “Not As Described”), we will refuse to refund you and we will win the claim as we WILL BE ABLE TO PROVE to PayPal or your credit card provider that we took all the NECESSARY MEASURES to avoid the claim to begin with and that YOU FAILED TO COMPLY to the terms of this agreement.

“1 On 1” Coaching from Michel Sirois: For “1 On 1” coaching by Michel Sirois, it costs anywhere from $75/Hour to $150/Hour and is not refundable in any way, shape or form. This will be stipulated in your invoice as a “Term & Condition”, before you even make your payment.